Ivalona Jarron

Ruling princess of Irrien


Princess of Irrien
Paladin of Iomedae


The ruling family of Irrien Province – the Daeral House – became extinct after the last heir, Princess Rikka, was discovered to be Aasimer. The rule of Irrien passed to Princess Rikka’s second cousin on her mother’s side, Winna Jarron. As Princess Winna held no trace of royal, and thus divine, blood, public opinion in Irrien ran strongly against her. She married a younger son of neighboring House Ravenwood and they had one child, Ivalona, before his tragic death on a merchant expedition. Princess Winna speedily remarried – to the captain of her personal guard – infuriating the public (with whom the prince had been very popular) and the royal house of Windshear. While on a relaxation trip to her summer villa on the coast, Princess Winna was found dead in her bathtub under mysterious circumstances. Her second husband was tried and found guilty of her murder in a very hasty and secretly-conducted trial, and executed by burning. Princess Ivalona then ascended to her mother’s throne. She made herself popular with the priestly class by devoting her life to Iomedae. The working class, however, did not appreciate the heavy taxes imposed in order to restore temples, nor the constant presence of Iomedae’s inquisitors in their streets. Nevertheless, with no legitimate successor in sight, the public of Irrien considers Princess Ivalona a lesser evil than anarchy.

Ivalona Jarron

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