Caranor is the easternmost of the Nirenari provinces.


According to legend, Caranor was founded by the goddess Calistria at the beginning of the First Age. When the First arrived in Nirenar, Calistria’s rule attracted mostly Elves, with a large contingent of Humans and a small minority of Halflings. Calistria wedded Einud Finngerel, King of the Elves, and their descendants became the ruling House Fingaeril. House Fingaeril is distinctive among the ruling classes due to the unusual predominance of red hair amongst its members. It is presumed that this atypical coloration stems at least partially from the abundance of roseleaf trees within the royal palace grounds.
Above: House Fingaeril’s sigil, symbolic of Calistria.
Right: A Caranori roseleaf tree. The trees retain their distinctive red color throughout the year.

During the Black Age, Caranor resisted the rule of Magnus Cadwy Brenin and assisted in the overthrow of House Brenin by the Agirthian hero Rohese Irorin. Following the Rohese Rebellion, Caranor cast the lone dissenting ballot in the vote to install the Aasimar as rulers of all Nirenar.

Caranor’s Silver Age was marked by an increase in legitimate economic activity. While the province never attained the wealth of neighboring Gildenhall, it avoided the economic depression that affected several other provinces. House Fingaeril pumped money back into the economy through the construction of roads, temples, and other public works. This both stimulated the Caranori economy and secured the loyalty of the populace.


Caranor’s population remains fiercely loyal to their rulers. Lord Seren and Lady Muriel Fingaeril recently abdicated in favor of their eldest son, remaining in the court as advisors and stimulating public interest in a younger governor. The current ruler, Lord Tauron Fingaeril, keeps a low public profile, and thus has lessened his popularity somewhat. His sister and heir presumptive, Lady Elivien Fingaeril, however, has gained extreme popularity as the public face of much of her brother’s benevolent government.

As Caranor was founded by the goddess of lust, trickery, and revenge, it is home to a thriving criminal underworld. The activities of the Thieves’ Guild and the Black Arrows, Nirenar’s Assassins’ Guild, are tolerated due to Calistria’s teachings. All independent criminal activity is severely punished.

The underworld is monitored – and frequently influenced – by the vast Caranori spy network, headed by the mysterious and powerful Master or Mistress of Whispers. No one knows – or at least, it has never been proven – whether the Master is a hereditary title, a mythical construct thought up by the Assassins’ Guild, or an otherworldly entity who has resided in Caranor since the First Days. While the Master of Whispers theoretically answers to the Caranori ruling lord, it is widely believed that he holds more influence, and some scholars believe that the Master of Whispers wields more potential power than the Aasimar Council.

Ruling House
Tauron Fingaeril is the current head of Caranor’s government.
Elivien Fingaeril serves as diplomatic advisor.
Aistano Fingaeril is the head of the Caranori royal guard.
Irien Fingaeril and Avárië Fingaeril are presumably in training to join their mother’s Royal Guard.


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