Founded by Cayden Cailean, the patron deity of alcohol and freedom, Dragonwood from its very beginnings attracted those who favored independent lifestyles and a lack of government regulation. While Cayden Cailean’s descendants indeed formed a ruling house, House Kedron governed the province largely in name only.

Dragonwood was the first province conquered by Magnus Cadwy Brenin in his quest to rule all of Nirenar. Despite this fact, Brenin received little benefit from the province due to its lack of sophisticated infrastructure and the strategic isolation of most keeps. When the Gildenese army of House Nolatari drove Brenin out of the southeast, Dragonwood’s rangers and fighters attacked from the north and aided in crushing the Ironborn.

The Aasimar offered Dragonwood’s towns continued autonomy in exchange for a vote in favor of Aasimar overlordship. Thus, House Kedron voted in favor of Aasimar rule.


The province lacks many cities, as most Dragoni prefer the more isolated existence of a small town. It possesses the most taverns of any province in Nirenar, as well as one of the higher rates of petty crime. Dragonwood is unique in that activity that would be considered criminal elsewhere is both tolerated and freely acknowledged. The only actions against the province’s laws are those that harm another individual, such as blackmail, perjury, and murder.


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