Wealthiest and most stable of the Nirenarin provinces.


According to popular belief, Gildenhall was founded by Abadar, god of wealth and civilization. Legends state that Abadar crossed the border between the Outer Sphere and Nirenar in the form of a giant eagle, becoming the first of the Twelve to set foot on the continent, and claimed the land around his arrival point as his kingdom. His rule attracted settlers of all races, including the largest contingent of Halflings in Nirenar. Abadar’s descendants through his Elven wife, Jhaera Straeth, became the ruling House Nolatari.

Gildenhall’s location in the far south of Nirenar provided a buffer between the province and the armies of Magnus Cadwy Brenin, and it was the last province Brenin attempted to invade. A bitterly cold winter blocked the passes in the Central Mountains, allowing Lord Ilbryn Nolatari to raise a considerable army and oppose the invasion. The Gildenese easily repulsed the Ironborn invaders, and, with the help of armies from neighboring provinces, eventually crushed them.

Gildenhall’s economy remained relatively untouched by the Brenin invasion or the Rohese Rebellion. Despite this fact, and against the urging of diplomats from neighboring Caranor, the Gildenese voted in favor of Aasimar rule. They argued that a central government was necessary to keep future invasions from occurring.


The majority of the Gildenese population is urban, with sprawling metropolises dominating much of the coastal landscape. Maritime and overland trade both rake in a great deal of money for the province, as nearly all Nirenarin foreign trade passes through the banks or warehouses of Gildenhall. The city of Elantian, supposedly built upon the spot where Abadar first landed in Nirenar, supports the Nirenarin Central Bank, as well as the headquarters of the Merchants’ Guild.

Nearly all urban Gildenese are somehow involved in the financial industry.


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