Orion Island



According to legend, the province of Orion Island was founded by the goddess Desna, who, as the patron deity of travelers, chose to make her home away from the Nirenarin mainland. Her rule attracted mostly nomadic Elves and tribes of itinerant humans, and impermanent settlements still form the basis for most of Island society. Desna married the king of one of the itinerant tribes, and her descendants ruled on as House Solosta.

Its geographical isolation meant that Orion Island remained untouched by the events of Magnus Cadwy Brenin’s quest for power. The same isolation, however, prevents the province from developing a thriving trade network. The Island’s economy is based mainly upon fishing and handmade textiles.

The Asteri Observatory, in Star City, is the home of Nirenar’s largest school of astronomy.

Orion Island

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