Summerspike was founded by the goddess Shelyn, who longed for a place in which art and beauty reigned supreme. Thus, Shelyn chose as her portion of land the Summer Plains, and built her palace within sight of both the Summer River and the Central Mountains. Shelyn’s rule attracted peaceful members of all races, and she chose as her consorts the human brothers Adis and Calles Chalae. Adis’ daughter, Rosenne, became the first ruling member of House Chalae, while Calles’ son Trevas founded the Order of the Guardians, who keep watch at the Rose Pass in the Barrier Mountains.

Summerspike remained officially neutral throughout the events of the Rohese Rebellion, but the province’s southern cities offered free refuge to Agirthian refugees, while House Chalae secretly supplied grain to the rebellion’s armies. At the conclusion of the rebellion, Summerspike believed that only a strong, centralized government could prevent such a thing from occurring again. Thus, House Chalae voted in favor of supreme rule by the Aasimar Council.

The Silver Age is known as Summerspike’s Golden Age. Untouched by the ravages of the rebellion, the province experienced both economic prosperity and a cultural rebirth. The majority of Nirenar’s great works of art emerged from artists either born or trained in Summerspike during this period.

House Chalae remained extremely popular, as the diplomatic manipulations of the ruling duchess were responsible for Summerspike’s neutrality. The province grew economically to become second only to neighboring province and trading hub Gildenhall, and the cultural output of Summerspike was second to none.


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