The Rohese Rebellion


The province of Ironstone grew in power after the departure of the Twelve, due to the ruling house’s emphasis on weapons and battle training. At the end of the Second Age, Lord Eoan Cadwy Brenin expanded this military might into the neighboring provinces, claiming a desire to keep peace within each province.


Several years after the initial occupation Lord Brenin utilized his army and seized control of Dragonwood, Henden, and Windshear within two weeks. He then expanded his influence to include Laernan, Irrien and Agirthal. Before he could march into Summerspike, he was met by the ruling duchess of House Chalae, whose diplomatic manipulations convinced him not to invade her province.

Joined by the armies of House Xenlos, which had no qualms about supporting Dwarven monopoly in the Nirenar government, Lord Brenin invaded Caranor and prepared to march on the wealthy province of Gildenhall. Before he could gather sufficient troops for the conquest, however, he was killed by an inquisitor in the service of House Daeral, the ruling house of Irrien.

The Agirthian Revolt

His son, Magnus Cadwy Brenin, inherited control of the armies. Gildenhall was saved, however, by an unusually cold winter, which made the passes of the Central Mountains impossible to cross. Before spring could melt the snows and free up the mountain passes, a monk by the name of Rohese Irorin, brother of the ruling lord of Agirthal, led a carefully orchestrated revolt among the people of his province.

Their familiarity with the Central Mountains enabled the Agirthians to evade capture. Aided by commoners from Caranor, including the notorious Black Arrows, Rohese Irorin himself harassed many of the Brenin outposts. Brenin’s forces burned villages and hanged civilians in attempts to quash the revolt.

The Turning Point

After eight months of guerrilla warfare, Magnus Cadwy Brenin and a small contingent of his army captured Rohese Irorin at the village of Shan-Rei, in the Forest of Reina. The rebel leader was given a summary trial and sentenced to death by drowning in the nearby Silver River. Unbeknownst to Brenin’s forces, the Silver River formed the border between the Forest of Reina and the Thieves’ Forest, a section of Nirenar jealously guarded by the Thieves’ Guild.

As the execution was being performed, leaders of the Thieves’ Guild, including the mysterious Master of Whispers, descended upon the camp and wiped out Brenin’s men. Magnus Cadwy himself escaped only by fleeing on Rohese’s horse. The Guild released Rohese on the condition that, should he ever ascend to power in Agirthal, he would legalize the Guild’s actions within the province.

By the time Brenin returned to the main body of his army, he discovered that House Nolatari had amassed a sizable army of its own, which was advancing rapidly into both Irrien and Agirthal. The Irrieni flocked to join their liberators and soon pushed the Brenins back.

Ironstone Pushed Back

Fierce fighting raged throughout Agirthal for weeks, but the assistance of the Gildenese armies eventually forced Magnus Cadwy to retreat to Laernan. There, a hot summer and unusually large infestation of sand adders drove his troops back from the Sunstar Desert and into the province of Henden. By this time, a force of clerics, wizards, and sorcerers from Orion Island, Henden, and Windshear had gathered at the Devil’s Fingers. They attacked from the north, while Dragonwood’s fighters and rangers attacked from the east and Gildenhall’s forces came in from the south.


Risking isolation from his supply base, Magnus Cadwy retreated back to Ironstone. Days later, they learned that the last of the Brenin fighters in Agirthal had been captured, and that Eoan Cadwy Brenin’s vast empire now encompassed only Ironstone, Steelfire, and Caranor. The next morning, Brenin’s servants arrived in his chambers to find him lying dead on the floor. A message informing the Ironborn that their compatriots had been driven from Caranor was pinned to his corpse by a black arrow.


Over the next year, the majority of the Brenin family met their deaths through mysterious accidents, assassinations, or old age. The last of the Brenins, Magnus Cadwy’s daughter Bridin, ascended the throne a year to the day after her father’s assassination. The next morning she was found on her throne with a black arrow through her throat. Tied to the arrow was the note, “The Black Arrows never forget.”

Lady Dymphna Rhana Qoringal, Magnus Cadwy’s third cousin, ascended to the throne and enacted a policy of isolation, and the Aasimar Council declared House Brenin extinct.

The Rohese Rebellion

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