Elivien Fingaeril

Member of Caranor's royal family


Diplomatic advisor to Lord Tauron Fingaeril
Heir presumptive


The second child of Lord and Lady Fingaeril, Lady Elivien spent her youth training for a position in her brother’s royal guard. Three years after reaching her majority, she disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Multiple rumors sprang up regarding her absence, the three most popular being 1) she was murdered by interested parties who saw her as a threat to the throne, 2) she eloped with the heir to another royal house and was living quietly in a foreign province, and 3) she had joined the Assassins’ Guild and was cut off by her family. Thirty years later, Lady Elivien returned to Caranor, bringing with her a newly-acquired skill set worthy more of a smuggler than a princess. She also returned with two children, who rumors insisted were either the children of someone she had assassinated, or the products of her clandestine marriage. Lady Elivien proceeded to become very popular with her people due to a generous nature and a lack of arrogance, living quietly in the capital and serving as her brother’s diplomatic advisor. Despite her popularity, rumors continue to surround her. Many people believe she maintains close ties to the Thieves’ Guild and Assassins’ Guild, with some even believing she occasionally works for the former.

Elivien Fingaeril

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