Ruled by House Irorin and dedicated to Irori, the god of knowledge.


According to legend, Agirthal was founded by the god Irori at the beginning of the First Age. Irori’s rule, focusing on knowledge and history, attracted mainly longer-lived races such as Elves and Gnomes, though a small contingent of intelligent humans settled in the area as well. Irori wed first the Human lady Syvis Khatar, and then the Elven princess Ailuin Romaer. The descendants of these two women formed the basis for House Irorin.

During the Black Age, Agirthian hero Rohese Irorin, brother to ruling lord Maiel Irorin, headed the rebellion against Magnus Cadwy Brenin’s dictatorial leadership. Agirthal’s economy was decimated by the conflict, and the Aasimar Council promised to aid in rebuiding the province in exchange for Master Maiel’s support. Thus, Agirthal voted in support of the decision to install the Aasimar as rulers of all Nirenar.


Agirthian hero Rohese Irorin, leader of the Rohese Rebellion.

Agirthal used the financial aid provided by the Aasimar Council to rebuild its infrastructure and replenish its food stores. Despite the hard work of the Agirthian people, it took several generations for the province to regain its former economic prosperity, and Agirthal remained behind neighboring Caranor and Gildenhall in the majority of economic matters.

The one benefit to the situation was the growth in knowledge, as many young people chose life in the government-sponsored hermitages as preferable to a life of poverty in the countryside. The hermitages, built into the sides of and perched atop Agirthal’s mountains, had proved excellent shelters for refugees during the rebellion, and were among the first structures restored during the Silver Age. Many Agirthians believe that Irori orchestrated the events of the Rohese Rebellion in order to rekindle Agirthal’s interest in knowledge.

An Agirthian religious hermitage, dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and the understanding of history.


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