Founded by Gorum, the god of strength and battle, at the beginning of the First Age, the province of Ironstone attracted mainly Dwarven settlers. This was due both to its situation in the mountains and the premises of Gorum’s government. Gorum wed a daughter of the Dwarven king, and their descendants created House Brenin.

Ironstone grew in power after the departure of the Twelve, due to the ruling house’s emphasis on weapons and battle training. At the end of the Second Age, Lord Eoan Cadwy Brenin expanded this military might into the neighboring provinces, seizing control of most of Nirenar. Joined by the armies of House Xenlos, which had no qualms about supporting Dwarven monopoly in the Nirenar government,

Lord Brenin prepared to march on the wealthy province of Gildenhall, but was killed by an Irriener. His son, Magnus Cadwy Brenin, inherited control of the armies. Before he could invade, Rohese Irorin, brother of the ruling lord of Agirthal, led a carefully orchestrated revolt among the people of his province. Soon House Nolatari amassed a sizable army of its own, and after months of intense fighting, Magnus Cadwy retreated back to Ironstone, where he was assassinated by the Black Arrows. The assassins’ guild saw to it that House Brenin was exterminated, and the new ruling House Qoringal enacted a policy of extreme isolation.


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